Sonic Pond Dipping

Fun, practical workshops that offer young people the chance to discover their own freshwater adventures.

Sonic pond-dipping introduces people to the hidden soundscapes of their local pond. Listening to invertebrates, amphibians, and even aquatic plants, offers a curiosity-driven approach to learning about freshwater ecology.Underwater technologies are explored as creative tools whilst focussed interaction with blue spaces enhances well-being in general.

listen to underwater soundscapes

“Thank you for doing something different. There are a lot of art events and craft activities but this was something totally different and lots of fun. We’d love to do it again!”

become a citizen-scientist for the day

The sounds feed into research being undertaken by a global team of acoustic ecologists.

case study

The first group of sonic pond-dippers arrived at a nature reserve in County Durham in February 2022. Instead of nets, they clasped headphones. In their hands were audio recorders, not white specimen trays.

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Can be arranged for family events, public engagement activities, academic conferences, or ecological workshops.

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